Time Management Boot Camp: Day 1

Welcome to the Boot Camp newcomers!

Often it seems that there is never enough time in a day, things just keep adding up, until eventually you are swamped by the backlog of tasks. You are tired of living for the weekends. You postpone doing things that you want to do, or worse, you give up as you shrug your shoulders: C’est la vie.”

And on the other hand, others strike us out for being able to manage an immense amount of work, volunteer with their local charity, spend time with their family, exercise, cook, keep up with all the new book releases, and still find time to walk their dog or just relax…

Except, our clocks are reset for the same 24 hours each day, so why can some people get through a seemingly impractical amount of work, and manage to get much more accomplished with their allotted time than others who continue to run out of it?

Well, we would assume that they don’t possess super powers… Or so they claim; we’ll have to look into it, and report back.

In truth, what they all have in common is their ability to manage their available time exceptionally well.


Time is the greatest gift you can give to someone…

In this training camp, we will sprinkle you with some tips to get you started on functioning more effectively straightaway. And once you’re hooked up on those, we will let you experiment with some techniques we have up our sleeves, which are slightly more advanced and demand further effort. In addition, together with the thirsty achievers out there, we will go through intense training sessions of implementing life-long habits, those routines will ultimately empower you to bend time at will.

Good time management requires a lot of desire, intention, and determination. It also urges an important shift in focus and discipline to get results. It guides you to work smarter not harder; for being busy is not equivalent of being effective.

It a progressive course that necessitates a review of your current pocket watch, an evaluation of the areas that can be improved, and the design of the blueprints for boosted productivity, stress relief, and an enhanced quality of life, so that you can start living your life every day, and not just on the weekends.

Therefore, if you feel as though time is tight and pressures are high, find your motivation – what makes you wake up in the morning – and let us delve into this boot camp, for time cannot be given back; but its cryptographs can be deciphered through mastering the art of time management.


Do you have what it takes to survive the Boot Camp?

See you tomorrow*…

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”
~ Michael Althsuler

Day 2: The power that tiny incremental actions have on your dreams.

*tomorrowa mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.

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