🍴 Chops and Slices: 2nd Bite — Dutch Cuisine

! Please note: I am not reliable for any craving, mouth watering, or stomach growling.

Do these terms confuse you? Dutch, Holland and the Netherlands¹? It doesn’t matter, because the Dutch naturally flavoured cuisine is heerlijk! Whether it is mashed stamppot with its many varieties, bitterballen bites, the different famous cheeses: Edam and Gouda, or the mother of all Dutch delicacies: Hollandse Nieuwe haring, the Dutch got your savoury taste buds satisfied. Don’t forget to make space for dessert though, like the fluffy poffertjes, chocoladeletters, drop licorice, suikerbrood, the famous chewy stroopwafels, and the original—no, not American—apple pie, or rather I should say, appeltaart. Try them all and travel to the Netherlands with every bite!


¹ Don’t worry; if you happen to confuse Holland and the Netherlands when speaking, the Dutch will most-likely shake it off—just don’t confuse them with the Danish!

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