✒ Writer’s Weekly Pledge: Introduction

Welcome to the Writer’s Weekly Pledge.
Inspirational exercises, ideas, tips, and motivations on writing.

Inside these posts you’ll find everything you need to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re honing your skills for writing fiction or nonfiction, screenplays, or poetry, or simply trying to keep a more compelling journal or blog, you’ll find inspiring quotations and informative tutorials that will aid in developing your unique voice. Each post is meant to be read either at the start of your work, as you unwind when you’re done, or as a little treat during the day when things are getting too stressful.

Writing is a solitary activity, but you don’t have to feel that you are completely on your own. Hopefully, this section of the blog can provide fresh information and wise counsel from legendary authors ranging from the distant past to today’s bestseller lists. Much of their advice will add a bit of cheer; all will encourage and inspire you on your path. There are also plenty of surprises that will make reading this weekly pledge an enlightening practice that you will look forward to returning to as you follow your dream.

Each week, highlights a combination of different aspect of a writer’s life:

Writers on Writing (Every other Monday): Learn what the best in the business have to say about the writing process and what their work, and the works of others, meant to them.

Motivation to Write (Every other Wednesday): Use these tips and tricks to help you keep writing even when you’ve hit a wall, and to help you gain the courage to share your work.

Writing Class (Every other Friday): Try your hand at dozens of different formats, broadening your writing experience. You may find that you excel at a whole new category of written works that you’ve never before considered.

Editing (Every other Sunday): Understand the nuts and bolts every writer needs to master. This section runs the gamut from punctuation to mastering the active voice, as well as the secrets of creating a truly compelling work.

Biography (Every other Tuesday): While the works of great writers remain, their own stories are often unknown. Here’s your chance to meet some of the most interesting writers in history, including some of your current favourites. Learn what motivated them to write and how their past shaped their prose.

Books to Read (Every other Thursday): Explore this stimulating survey of books you must have under your belt. These are the best of the best in many different genres and styles, so you can measure your work against the masters, and see exactly how they got the job done.

Writing Prompt (Every other Saturday): Wrap up each cycle with an exercise allowing you to take on one of many topics. I know that it’s sometimes tough to stay on track, or even get started. Here are some great ideas and the writings they may have inspired, so you can see how a simple idea can lead to a great work.

I hope these posts fill you with the optimism and promises of fulfillment that only writing can bring.

One word for mastery: Consistency.

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