🍴 Chops and Slices: 3rd Bite — Chinese Cuisine

! Please note: I am not reliable for any craving, mouth watering, or stomach growling.

Nǐ chī le ma?

You probably didn’t understand me—unless you know Chinese of course.

Let me translate:

Have you eaten yet?

That’s a common Chinese greeting phrase. It doesn’t matter for the speaker—usually—whether you already had lunch or dinner; it is a conversation starter, regardless.

When you are in a place where someone greets you like that, you can rest assured that the food is going to be extraordinary.

China has the most popular culinary heritage in the world. Talk about ancient! An evolution of cooking styles and techniques over thousands of years produced a multifarious cuisine.

The varied ingredients across different regions of China are mouth-watering. They use a lot of vegetables in their dishes, like mushrooms and peppers. They even use bamboo and tofu.

Dim sums, quick noodles, hot pot, spring rolls, rice stir fries, and wok tossed veggies are some of their most famous dishes available worldwide.

Stay tuned for more dishes and details from this classic cuisine.


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