Science Nugget: 10⚛

Tropical fruits grow mainly in the tropics where it is warm because they cannot survive even a light frost. The best-known tropical fruits are bananas and pineapples. Others include guavas, breadfruit, lychees, melons, mangoes, and papayas. Banana plants are gigantic herbs with trunks that grow 3 – 6 metres high. There are hundreds of varieties of banana. Most widely used is the Gros Michel, while plantains are cooking bananas. Mangoes grow on evergreen trees of the cashew family in Burma and India. Melons are a huge group of big, round fruit with soft, juicy flesh, including cantaloupes… They grow on trailing vines. Watermelons are not true melons.

‘Wait! So is this a hypothesis, a theory, or a fact?’

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