Remnants of Time: ⏳ 9

In addition to what he is famous for, his theory of relativity, the theoretical physicist often trespassed into other fields of science. Before his death in 1955, Albert Einstein wrote a short but glowing foreword to the book Earth’s Shifting Crust: A Key to Some Basic Problems of Earth Science by a geologist named Charles Hapgood. Hapgood’s book was a steady demolition of the idea that continents were in motion. In a tone that all but invited the reader to join him in a tolerant chuckle, Hapgood observed that a few gullible souls had noticed ‘an apparent correspondence in shape between certain continents’. It would appear, he went on, ‘that South America might be fitted together with Africa, and so on . . . It is even claimed that rock formation on opposite sides of the Atlantic match.’

¡Oh yes! I remember now…

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