✒ WWP — Week 4: Writing Prompt

I like animals…

Animals have a universal appeal for readers. And it doesn’t seem to be limited to the domesticated few or the exotic wild beasts that roam the African plains. The late James Alfred “Alf” Wight, who wrote under the name James Herriot, made a career as a mild-mannered British veterinarian who had a penchant for sharing stories about all sorts of creatures, great and small. His art was the ability to share his unique relationship with a wide variety of animals, letting the reader experience what his life was like and often imagine the life of the animals themselves.

Try your hand at this same task. Whether you love dogs, cats, iguanas, birds, or snow leopards (not in your house, of course), see if you can share what is truly unique about your relationship with your pet or the pet you always wished you had.

One word for mastery: Consistency.


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