Mind Fragment ๐Ÿ’ก37 โ€” Contemplation

After climbing down from the slide and leaving the playground, Ali wandered aimlessly through the streets of San Diego, from one block to the next, hardly conscious of where his feet were taking him. He tried to organise the jumble of ideas in his head, but unified thinking was beyond him now, probably because he had thought about too many different things at once while sitting on the slide: about the increase in responsibilities, about blood ties, about a new chapter in his life, about his dizzyingly realistic daydream, and about Leila, who was probably in hiding somewhere nearby. With his head a confused tangle of thoughts, Ali felt his powers of concentration being tested to the limit. He wished he could just go to bed and be fast asleep. He could continue this process in the morning. No amount of additional thinking would bring him any clarity now.

! Remark:ย “Mind Fragment” posts are fictitious prose, and none of them is about me.

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