Why hello there!

‘Who are you?’
I am Mustafa, also known as Enkido, Gustavo, Mufasa, and Sir Apples among others…
I am Lebanese, currently studying in London, United Kingdom.

‘What do you study?’
I am a PhD student in ‘Molecular and Genetic Toxicology‘ at King’s College London.
(counting final days…)
‘Tell me more!’

‘What is this blog?’
This is a space where your brain will be fiddled with.
I will strengthen its neural connections and help you build new ones.
My services will tend to your brain and leave you with an interesting topic to talk about every time.

‘What do you write about?’
I will narrate main themes, chronicling often† for the diverse readership:
Cuisine & Culture
History & Science
Languages & Communication
Personal Growth
Books & Arts
Hobbies & Interests
Productivity & Time Management

‘What else can you tell me about yourself?’
Most of the above-mentioned interests fall under the umbrella of self-development.
I continuously build new habits and consolidate current ones.
Some might say I have OCD, but I rather think of myself as a productivity junkie.
When people around me say they are bored, I quiver.
There just aren’t enough hours in a day.‡

‘So, about your hobbies…’
I am an avid reader and a board game guru.
I am a novice painter and language learner.

I ran five marathons (42.195 km) from 2009 to 2014, in Beirut, Lebanon.
I rediscovered my appreciation of milk (semi-skimmed) when I was 22, to soon admit I am lactose intolerant in denial.
‡I tested both biphasic and polyphasic sleep for about a month.
Scientifically proven: ENFJ-A, Aquarius, monkey, Ravenclaw-Slytherin hybrid, Erudite, and it’s the red pill for me.

‘You’re weird…’
Yes, we can be friends.

often: That eerie space-time when I am actually done with my PhD dissertation.

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